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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review: Cracked

Cracked by Eliza Crewe 

When Eliza Crewe did a guest post over at Stellar Four, I mentioned that CRACKED was one of my favorite YA books of 2013.

It had everything I usually like in a read: action, interesting characters, lots of grey areas. Bonus, we have another YA without romance, where friendship is the key to everything.

Now, when you look at the world of Cracked, with the group of young warriors against evil who have been given powers by a higher power, you might be inclined to think of The Mortal Instruments books. And yes, there are some similar tropes at play here.

However, and this is a BIG GIANT HOWEVER, this story delivers the world and the demonic vs angelic war without the buckets of unending angst. 

You know I am a fan of romance in books too, but I absolutely love it when a book does not follow the usual.

Another reason I loved this book: the MC is a monster. Meda eats people. Sure, she only eats the life force of bad people, but still. She is calculating, selfish, nasty at times, a liar, and although she doesn't admit it to herself, she is also loyal to those she cares about. Meda's character is as delicious as those tasty human souls. 

We open the story with Meda in a psychiatric hospital. A ghost has lead her there to take out her killer. The action starts right from the beginning. Meda discovers others like herself, and also the ones who fight monsters. Although she knows it is dangerous, she goes with these warriors for good, modern Templars, so that she can learn more about who/what she is. 

I really liked the secondary characters, the friends she meets. And Yuri. I loved that kid.

There are secrets to unearth, suspicions to juggle, battles to fight, loads of danger and tragedy. There are consequences, and more to come, but that will of course be in the next book.

I will be reading it.

[received a review copy]

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