Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Night Terrors

NIGHT TERRORS (Shadow Watch #1) by Tim Waggoner

Super fast paced but fun urban fantasy read.

Absolutely loved the world, with dreams and nightmares made real, a Shadow-y (Shadow Watch) enforcement bureau made of creators (Ideators) and their nightmare creations (Incubi). Visiting Nod was one of my favorite things in this book. When you are dealing with the creatures of dreams and nightmares, there is really no limit.

Audra is paired with Jinx, a homicidal clown. She kind of loves her job, but isn't 100% happy with working and living with her greatest nightmare. I can relate. I have a deep fear of clowns (thank you Tim Curry and your phenomenal Pennywise performance) and I don't know that I'd want to deal with Jinx 24/7 either.

At the same time, if you are going up against nightmare creations, having a killer clown on your side might not be a bad thing.

Jinx is a force to be reckoned with and I really liked seeing both sides of his personality, his day and his night aspects.

Audra and Jinx uncover a plot that threatens the dream world and the real world, find new friends, old enemies, and in general bring forth mayhem at every turn.

I could relate to Audra. She has issues to work through with her job and with her past. Things are not all resolved, of course, so I'm looking forward to what happens in future books.

This is very much a set the stage book. It did feel in parts that we zipped through areas where we could have spent more time developing characters, relationships and setting, but it wasn't enough to put me off. I still got a really good taste of the world and its denizens.

One thing this book is not is a romancing the clown book. Audra created Jinx, so while they don't really have a mother-child bond, it is close enough that any romance thoughts would be icky. There is a potential love interest but there really isn't time for that in this very quick-moving tale.

I found myself rooting for a freaking clown. And I want to go back.

[received a review copy]

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