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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fate's Edge Giveaway Winner!

Update #2: I had to choose another winner - Melissa Landers! And she has responded so the book is making it's way to her! YAY!

Update: I had to pick a new winner  - so Eternal Werecat you are the new winner! e-mail me at with your contact info. Please respond by Wednesday December 14.

Congrats to

Amanda Grinstead!!!

I hope this helps you reach your goal of reading 100 books in 2012!

Please e-mail your contact info to me at kindleaholic (at) gmail (dot) com

You have until Saturday, December 10 to respond or I'll have to pick another winner (I won't like it, but I'll have to).

Thank you to everyone for entering the giveaway. I hope to have more of them in 2012.

Thank you so much to Amanda Carlson for donating her extra copy and for shipping the book - you are awesome! If you haven't checked out Amanda's website, I hope you do (and keep an eye out in 2012 for Full Blooded).


  1. Thanks for running a great contest!!! You rock and I'm so very happy to donate my copy to a fan of Ilona Andrews. It was my pleasure!

    Amanda Carlson

  2. Pick me!!!! Wait, is this the second or third??? I need the third!

  3. Pick me!

    Wait. I didn't enter, did I????

  4. You did enter - and it looks like winner #3 will be chosen tomorrow, as we still haven't heard from the current winner. SO you still have a chance!!!

  5. Okay. I"m going to cross my fingers and toes. Close my eyes and shine my shoes. Flap my fairy wings. Gonna win for sure!