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Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest Post: Shiloh Walker/J.C. Daniels

Today, the Book Pile is the latest stop on the Blade Song Blog Tour. Shiloh Walker is known for her romance books, such as the Ash trilogy (If You Hear Her is one of my favorite rom-suspense reads). Under the name J. C. Daniels, she brings us an action-packed Urban Fantasy. It's got supernatural beings, magic, and a very tough woman with a sword. You know that makes me happy. My review of Blade Song is here.

I asked Shiloh to tell us some of her favorite non-romance reads. There's also a giveaway!

Books I adore… the non-romance edition (although you’ll probably notice a theme)


Loved this. It’s one of the first, and best, urban fantasies I’ve ever read and it was really urban fantasy before such a thing existed.


Loved..again, some of the best urban fantasy I’ve ever read. I love the entire Kate Daniels series/world, but since this is the newest, yeah, we’ll go with this one.

Source: via shiloh on Pinterest


See what I did there? I totally just put in the inspiration behind every weird book I ever wrote. Meet Bunnicula. The first paranormal book I ever got my hands on. And I was hooked. I. Love. Bunnicula. VAMPIRE BUNNIES! If it wasn’t for vampire bunnies, I dunno if I’d be writing anything weird at all.


Sigh. Patricia Briggs. She makes me happy.



And um…SL Viehl? She totally makes me happy.


Hmmm. Chess and Terrible totally make me happy. (So does Stacia.)

Okay… a wrap up of some of my favorite non-romance books. And yes, I realize almost all of these have a romance subplot. ;)

Hey, wait… here’s one more.


A short snippet…

Call me...I'm here, I'm here—

The sword was on my bed and the silver of it burned unnaturally bright.
He glanced at it and said, “If you even move toward that thing, I'm going to bend it into knots.”

I curled my lip at him. “Like you could.”

He leaned forward. “Is that a dare, little girl?”

“No. It's a plainly stated fact. Now...why don't you do us both a favor and get the fuck out of my bedroom?” I jutted my chin out, rotated my wrist again as the itching and heat flared.

The sword flashed brighter. I usually wasn't this close to it without having it in my hand.

I couldn't help it, though. Ever since he'd spouted off that little piece about a reckoning, I'd been on eggshells, just waiting for whatever the hell he had in mind. If he thought he could leave another mark on me, damn it, I'd bloody him.

He leaped over the bed. I backpedaled and faded into nothingness, going invisible as he came for me.

This was one time where his sense of smell might not help.

The entire room smelled of me.

“Damn it, considering how mouthy you are, you're a damned coward.” A smirk was on his lips as I brushed by him, just barely missing his outstretched hand. He moved back over by the bed and settled on the foot of it, that sly, Cheshire cat grin curling his lips as he reached behind him, closing his hand over the grip of my sword.

My breath hitched in my chest.


His eyes flickered my way. No, he couldn’t see me and tracking me by scent was harder.

But he heard that, damn it. I couldn't stop the way my heart reacted when he touched my blade. Couldn't stop it.

“Don't like seeing me play with your toy, huh?” He lifted her and caught the tip in his other hand. Muscles flexed. “How about if I twist it up a little?”

He couldn't. Others had tried.

But she was mine—

She flared, bright as the sun, and disappeared. I dropped the invisibility as she settled into my hand. “Keep your damned paws off my blade, cat.”

He was staring rather dumbly into his hands.

A rather queer look settled over his face as he lifted his head to study me. “So that's how you do it.”

Shiloh Walker/J.C. Daniels

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  1. I love also enjoy the authors of the books listed above. I loved the books by Andrews, Briggs,Veihl, Kane and now have added the other books to be read pile. Thank you.

    Today is my birthday (54) and this is the perfect start to a fantastic day...Congrats on the new release I cant wait !

  2. I want to enter!!! Well, really, I want to win!!!

  3. I'll agree on the Ilona Andrews and the Patricia Briggs. I've never read any Stacia Kane, mostly because I keep getting mixed signals from reviews. I've never even heard of Bunnicula and I may have to check it out, like one gawks at a car crash...

  4. Loved most of the books you listed and will definitely try the ones I have not read

  5. I would love to win!! I'm becoming a big fan of Shiloh Walkers books, have all of Patricia Briggs books, am crazy about llona Andrews books and also have Stacia Kane books. HA! I guess I'm just a crazy book person.

  6. Great excerpt. Looking forward to reading it. Really looking forward to Gunmetal Magic too.

  7. I love both Shiloh Walker and Patricia Briggs. I've read so many of their books and this contest is so cool.

  8. Okay, you have me sold. I've *shame me* not read any of Shiloh Walker's books. But I will say this one sounds right up my alley. And with those loved books...well, how can you go wrong? lol. Thank you!

  9. Most of those are on my must buy listed