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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Sultry With a Twist

Sultry With a Twist by Macy Beckett

I do not read a lot of contemporary romance. Generally, if there aren't monsters, magic, action, gadgets or airships, I don't read it. True, I do occasionally read a historical romance, but too often with contemporaries I find myself thinking that the couple really just needs counseling. Then I get bored.

Most of the time. Sometimes, though, a contemporary comes along and I really get into the characters and have fun with the story, sans explosions and big bads. That happened for me here.

I also follow the author on Twitter and she's pretty funny, so I thought I would be in good hands. I was right.

Sweet romance with childhood friends reconnecting. June left home a long time ago and never looked back. She had a falling out with her very religious grandmother, and given that her dream is to own her own bar, she doesn't think there is any way her only relative would approve. Right when she is about to get her dream, an old warrant from her old town hinders her licensing and she needs to spend a month in Sultry Springs.

She happens to also encounter her old friend and crush, Luke, who is trying to earn enough money to buy back his family's land.

Sparks fly, but Luke's emotional walls keep them apart. There are misunderstandings, and Luke was a jerk several times. I was more than a little surprised by June's actions in the end, but it did fit with her character and what she really wanted to be doing with her life.

I loved how June and her grandmother reconnect. Very well done. The other supporting characters, especially Luke's friend Trey, were very good. Trey is the male lead in book 2. Looking forward to that.

This book wins for one of the best uses of letters in a Romance. It got me. I loved that part.

Fun, engaging Romance. The town has many characters who are religious, but I never felt like I was being preached to, that was just a part of the characters' lives.

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