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Friday, February 8, 2013

Zenn Scarlett Cover

It's cover time again! This time we have the cover for Zenn Scarlett by Christian Schoon - an upcoming YA Sci Fi from Strange Chemistry.

 Cover art is by: ARGH! Oxford.

The blurbage: "Zenn Scarlett is a bright and occasionally a-little-too-smart-for-her-own-good 17-year-old girl training hard to become an exoveterinarian. She specializes in the treatment of exotic alien life forms, mostly large and generally dangerous. Her novice year of training at the Ciscan Cloister Exovet Clinic on Mars was going well - until there are a series of inexplicable animal escapes from the school that Zenn finds herself blamed for. As if this isn't enough to be dealing with, her father vanishes under strange circumstances, and Zenn is worried that she has started hearing the thoughts of the creatures around her... 

With the help of Liam, a towner boy, and Hamish, an alien bug also training at the clinic, Zenn must try to find her father, rescue the animals and unravel the mystery of who is behind the attacks on the school. And all without failing her first year

My take: When I first heard the premise, my first thought was "Alien veterinarian? Yes please!" I adore space photos. [When I win the lottery (or the kids are all grown and I have money again) I am getting a kickass telescope.] I have no idea what Zenn is sitting on, but I am sure we will be treated to all kinds of interesting creatures. I am really looking forward to reading this. Zenn Scarlett is out May 7, 2013.

About the author: Christian Schoon grew up in Minnesota, and worked his way through college in a succession of rock bands before earning his degree from the U of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Journalism. Following a stint as an in-house copywriter/scriptwriter at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, he supplied freelance copy for the entertainment industry and scriptwriting for live-action and animated TV. Currently, he writes from his 150-year-old farmstead in Iowa which he shares with a fluctuating number of horses (generally less than a dozen, but not always), 30 or so cats, a dog, three ferrets and a surprisingly tolerant wife.

The Zenn Scarlett books are his first novels, however he admits to being an unrepentant fan of science fiction and fantasy ever since discovering the tales of Edgar Rice Burroughs in the fifth grade. He can be found at his blog: and on Twitter

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  1. This sounds really good! I'm with you--alien vet sounds fascinating. More YA needs to have characters who have interesting jobs. There's usually nothing but angst and the usual stereotypes (add in shifters or magic, but the characters themselves often lack development).

    I'll have to add this to my wishlist.