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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Night Blade Review and Do-Over Party

Night Blade (Colbana Files 2) by JC Daniels

First of all, if you tried to get this beauty on release day, you likely encountered some issues. This sucks so much. It's an annoyance for the reader, and I can only imagine how horrible this is for the author.

However ALL IS FIXED NOW so you can happily buy Night Blade.

Also, Shiloh Walker is having a "Do-Over Release Party". Let's try to make this a blow-out. Comment, bring funny GIFS, make this a release party to remember (and erase the bad Monday memories).

Head over here to join in:

Now, on to my review:

Oh. My. Damn.

The Kit Colbana series is written by JC Daniels, a pseudonym of Shiloh Walker. Walker is not known for giving her characters unicorns and rainbows. She puts them through hell and then brings them slowly back, though never the same. While sometimes it's a tough read, it also feels right, that recovery is never "too easy" just to get to the happily ever after.

So I know all this, but still, she shocks me.

I also still really want to keep reading. I will be there to read book 3. I MUST read book 3. I might embarrass myself pestering asking the author about it.

If you haven't read Book 1, Blade Song, this part of the review is spoilery. And seriously, go read book 1.

Kit's still getting used to her relationship with Damon. She hasn't seen him much because he has been "cleaning house" in the cat pack.

Then an ex-lover shows up with a job she can't refuse, and soon she is working a case that makes her lie to her loved ones and involves a past she can't bear to talk about.

I am stopping there with plot specifics. There is lots of action, and as usual, the dialogue is spot on.

Just be prepared to get your emotions flogged.

[received a review copy]

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