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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Reader's Pledge

Too many examples of bad author and bad reader behavior lately. You would think we could all just agree not to be dicks, but...

So here is my promise, my pledge as a reader.

I will not tell any author how to write their book. I will have my own thoughts on a series, will speculate with friends, and have my opinions on the execution of any story. My reaction belongs to me. The creation belongs to the author.

I will not send nastygrams to authors.

I will not be a flying monkey sent forth to harass anyone who dislikes any book, author, whatever that I love. We don't have to agree, and we're allowed to have our own feels.

I will not threaten any author nor will I threaten harm to myself if a book doesn't end the way I want it to.

I will not be an asshole. Or at least I'll try. Hard to reign in the snark sometimes.

In general, I will try to follow the golden rule and treat others the way I want to be treated. I'm pretty sure we all learned that in kindergarten, along with how to tie your shoes and keep your hands to yourself. Seems some people only remember the tie your shoes part.


  1. Snarkiness comes naturally to me as well, but so long as the snark is aimed at the book and not the author, that's okay. Of course if the author somehow gets involved in a tit-for-tat, all bets are off and it's best to just leave the scene because a crime will be committed.

    I heard that phrase a lot in kindergarten, but no one listened then so I'm not surprised they aren't listening now.

    As for people telling authors how a book should be written/turn out, my answer is always the same: Go right ahead and write your story. Knock yourself out.


  2. Hear, hear! Now how do we convince the rest of the interwebs?

  3. Amen! It's crazy the way people act. But there are crazies on both sides of the fence too. *sigh* I'm with you!