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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's in a name?

If you follow me here or twitter, pinterest, or goodreads, you might have noticed a little change. "Kindle-aholic" has made way for "Kathy", which I already use for Stellar Four and SF Signal.

To be honest, it was mostly laziness that prevented the change before. However, as time went on, the old moniker that I originally used on Amazon and just carried over to the rest of the internet made me sound more like a pro-Amazon blogger than what I am, a book lover who doesn't care where you buy your books, so long as you are reading.


  1. Love the new name! It fits you. :>)

    I've been buying books on Kobo a lot lately. They have some good coupons.


    1. Thanks! And Kobo has had some awesome deals!

  2. I love the name change! Go you!