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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vacation Reading...

So I had my Kindle stocked with all of the books I've bought (but put off reading so I could get to ARCs and library books), hopped in the car, ready for a week-long vacation and to nothing. I barely touched a book, checked e-mail only a couple of times, and had one of the best get away from it all vacations I've had in awhile.

I visited the folks and had a massively great time at a little ol' place with a castle and giant rodents, dogs and assorted princesses.

But I missed talking books with my favorite readers, and while I was gone I did find one very fun book. The folks love books as much as I do, so I enjoy perusing their shelves. There I found:
Weird California by 
A guidebook to the weird, spooky, and wacky places you can visit in the Golden State (as well as some caveats for some of the spookier ones). It has a wonderful snarky undercurrent too, not too much, just enough to keep me grinning throughout. Must go check out Weird U.S. too.

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