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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Q&A with Carolyn Crane (and a Giveaway!)

It's been a lot of fun doing the Disillusionists re-read. We had a pretty good discussion the other day on Mind Games at the Goodreads group, and now folks are starting Double Cross. Getting ready for the eBook release of Head Rush December 6 (it's already available on Audible, and the paperback will be out in 2012).

I've really enjoyed this series the second time around. I feel like I "get" Justine better, and I loved re-discovering all of the small details that make up the Disillusionists' fascinating world.

Carolyn Crane has been kind enough to stop by to answer a few questions, and the awesomeness that is Samhain is offering an e-ARC of Head Rush! Right here! (Details to follow the Q's)

So let's all welcome Carolyn, and get on with the fun!

"How does it feel, getting the final book in the Disillusionists trilogy in reader's hands?"

You can’t even imagine what a relief it will be to me when all forms are finally released. I feel really close to my readers, and I’ve been really aware of having left people in suspense for a long time. What’s really kind of funny is that, for the first two books I was biting my nails on reviews and how people would like the story, but on this one, I’m biting my nails over how long people have had to wait after that notorious Double Cross ending, and also, the different release times (LOL totally didn’t plan it this way!) But, the upside is that it has taken my mind off worrying about reviews. I’m just happy now for people to get the end, and hopefully it will have been worth the wait. I think an author craves a sense of completion as much as a reader does!

"Any plans for future projects featuring any of the Disillusionists?"

I’m currently working on a longish Simon novella (because I luv Simon!!) which I plan to release on my own in early spring 2012, likely February or March.  (And, FYI: I will be offering it for free to my newsletter subscribers before I put it on sale online as a reader appreciation thing. So, for anybody who wants Simon for free, check out the newsletter link at the end of this!)

"Where did your idea for a hypochondriac come from?"

I’ve known lots of hypochondriacs of different kinds in my life, and I used to worry about my health when I was younger, so I felt a connection to that phobia. I think in a way everybody can relate a bit to health fear. I think it’s a basic human fear.

"Was it a conscious decision to write in the 1st person, or did the story just start flowing naturally from Justine's perspective?"     

I knew this would be a highly psychological novel, so first person (and present tense) felt like the most immediate choice. I felt as though, in first person present, it would really be like you’re living the action and events. I was surprised to learn not everyone is a fan of first person present, but I like it for this book.

"What do you read for fun?"     

I really enjoy reading outside my genre! I love historical romance, as well as mysteries, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance, with the occasional epic fantasy thrown in.

"Why did you chose the beret as Otto's trademark hat?"

I don’t really have a coherent reason for it! I guess I wanted Otto to have an outward manifestation of this phobia of hitting his head, and also, berets go with lots of different outfits.

[My personal silly question] "Do you have something against berets, or do you have a secret stash at home? And if you rock the beret, are you planning any worldwide domination?"   

Snort! Actually back when I was in college, a lot of girls, including me, were into what we considered the “European look” with berets and long sweaters. We did not dominate the world, even the dating scene, with that look. Today, I am beret-less, but if I ever plan world domination, that would be the perfect hat!! LOL.

[And because readers are greedy little monsters who want more, more, more] "What are you working on now? And when can we read it?" 

Greedy! I would describe it more as ‘such a compliment!’ Well, in addition to the forthcoming Simon novella, I have two series I’m working on—one I’m shopping to NY pubs, and one I’m self-pubbing.  The self-pub one is a spy/paranormal suspense series, and I’ll hopefully have the first book out in fall of 2012. The other series is a kind of paranormal mystery, and  if a pub picks it up, 2013. Fingers crossed!

Thank you very much!

Hey, thanks to you, Kindle-aholic, and everybody here doing the re-read (and first read)! There are so many wonderful books out there; the fact that you chose to spend time with mine is a total honor!

{And back to me] Thank you so much to the readers who submitted questions, to the fabulous Carolyn Crane for stopping by (and just being a joy to talk to), and to Samhain for sponsoring the giveaway!

You can find out more about Carolyn Crane at her website and subscribe to her newsletter here (Free Simon novella FTW!). To find out more about Samhain, their titles and upcoming releases, head on over to their website.


Now on to the Head Rush e-ARC Giveaway! There are a few ways to enter:

1) Be a member of the Goodreads Disillusionists re-reads group.
2) Leave a comment.
3) For an extra entry - tell us in the comments what kind of Disillusionist you would be.

Contest ends 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, November 20, 2011. I'll use to find the winner. I'll announce the winner here Monday, November 21. You'll have 48 hours to get me your contact info or I'll draw another winner.

What kind of Disillusionist would I be? Let's face it, we all have our quirks and fears. I admit that I am obsessive about locking doors. I blame growing up in SoCal during the whole Night Stalker case, but there you have it. So I think I would have to be an OCD Disillusionist.

How about you?

Note: If you have trouble leaving a comment, shoot me an e-mail kindleaholic (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll get your comment in.


  1. ENTER ME! I haven't read any of them. This would be a good way to get myself off to reading the first!!!


  2. Ha, I could easily be an arachnophobic disillusionist. I'd zing my target with the feel of webs on their face and the tickling sensation 8 legs climbing down their neck. Shudder.

  3. Thanks for the interview, really enjoyed it. Don't enter me on the giveaway, I'll be reading the paperback whenever it comes out.

    As for disillusionist I'd probably be either a mysophobe or an entomophobic one.

  4. Can't seem to log in with my google account. Oh well, I'll be anonymous.

    I'd have to be able to brainwash people into believing that the food I just made that might kill them is fabulous and tasty!


  5. Great Interview! I can't wait for Head Rush, please enter me. As for my phobia I would have Bacteriophobia. Just imagine all of the bacteria around us! Ga-ross!

  6. Yay! More Disillusionists; more Simon!

    As for my own Disillusionist power, it would be Monumental Mom-ism. You know, all those not-so-gentle reminders mothers give us incessantly that drive us nuts? I can do that!

    Turn the light on when you’re reading or you’ll ruin your eyes. Get off the phone. Eat your vegetables/finish what’s on your plate. Close the door. Turn the light off when you leave the room. Did you…wash your hands? …pick up the dishes?...turn off the TV?...feed the dog?...pick up your shoes?

    Thanks for a fun column.

  7. Hope I win! I have the first book in my to be read pile; winning Double Cross would force me to pull Mind Games to the top of my pile. Not that I'm trying to put any pressure on you...

  8. Great post! I'm super-excited about Head Rush coming out! I would be a hypochondriac as any time I hear or see a weird disease, I immediately start thinking I have those symptoms :-)

    smaccall AT

  9. Oh I'd love to win. Hmm I fear going blind (Scotomaphobia) (arghh then I couldn't read as easily) so I think I would have the Disillusionist power to make people blind

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    bookd.out at gmail dot com

  10. Yay, this is my Can't-Wait book of the year!

    I'd be an Unlucky-In-Love Disillusionist. In other words "He/She will never find you attractive." "You'll always be the 'just friends' guy/girl." "You'll die alone because no one will ever love you."

    Quite useful, if I do say so myself!

  11. A couple to add (remember, if you have a prob commenting, just e-mail me & I'll get you in!)

    Michelle from the Goodreads re-read group wants in on the Disillusionists crew.

    DC says she'd be "The IN YOUR FACE WOMAN! Wow that's really obnoxious isn't it. :)"

    Loving all the new Disillusionists!

  12. What's so interesting about this trilogy, apart from the story, is the disllusionists' nature. In plenty of books there are abilities to teleport, be superfast, things like that, whereas here it relies entirely on human interaction.

    Which begs the question, when did highcaps appear in human history? *geeky daydream*

    So my desillusionist power would be: the phobia of people! I think it is the most terrible one (and as a bonus it makes the target immune to other Des' since he/she will bunkered down in his house) Highly ironic, only works once...