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Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Feeling Steampunkish....

I hope everyone had a great holiday (all you US folks) or a wonderful weekend (hi rest of the world!). I found myself with a hankering for some steampunk. I also had 3 books that I've had on my shelf awhile but hadn' t gotten to yet because of time, and 1 new relase, so this week is theirs. Except for when Steel's Edge comes out, but I think we can fit everything in.

Currently on my Reading Now list:

Skies of Fire (The Ether Chronicles book 1) by Zoe Archer

Zoe and her husband Nico Rosso take turns penning the tales in this steampunk romance series. Book one is by Archer. It introduces us to the world and what it is like to be a Man O' War - a human/metal amalgamation. Lots of power. Good for the pecs.This one mostly takes place on an airship (win!) and has two ex-lovers reuniting.

Tin Swift (Age of Steam book 2) by Devon Monk

If you haven't read Dead Iron yet, go do that. Also, you might want to read the short Hang Fire (available soon as an eBook on Amazon, B&N & Smashwords). I am very much looking forward to the further adventures of Cedar Hunt, Mae Lindson, the Madder brothers, and of course, the always awesome Rose Small. Here's hoping Rose gets to kick a little ass.

The Janus Affair (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences book 2) by Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris

Book 1, Phoenix Rising, was so much fun. I'm looking forward to finally reading book 2. Books & Braun, so different and so, so good together. There is a whole world of fun to explore with this series, including podcasts of stories and ebooks of those short stories.

The Inexplicables (Clockwork Century book 5) by Cherie Priest

This time, the action packed series is back in Seattle. I love losing myself in Priest's re-imagined America.

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