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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Gettin' COLD in Here

Amanda Carlson's latest Jessica McClain book, COLD BLOODED, released this week and it is filled to the brim with action of every kind.

Yes you Romance fans, you'll be happy here. And you non-Romance fans, hey, it's book 3, it's time.

There is quite a bit of setup for things that need to happen later in the series, but it didn't feel like a "middle book" to me. More like the continuation of the runaway train that has been Jess' life since she first shifted in book 1.

The action is back in the city, with Jess returning to her hometown just as her friend Marcy has been kidnapped by sorcerers. Marcy's aunt, Tally, is willing to feed Jess to them to get Marcy back, and as one of the most powerful witches in the country, she would be a formidable opponent. Jess has to make new alliances quickly, outrun sorcerers and demons, and keep running for her life. This takes her to New Orleans and the queen of the vampires who has her own designs on Jess.

I've said action a couple of times, but I should add more: action, action, ACTION! It really doesn't stop, and Jess barely has time to think, something that is going to bite her in more ways than one, I'm afraid. She has her mate, her family, her friends and some new allies, all of whom she will need.

I really liked what is happening with Ray. His character arc keeps getting more interesting. Naomi and Danny are still among my favs. I also like Jess and Rourke together, especially that while he is protective, he also gets that she is strong.

I also love the broader view of the various supernaturals we get here, in particular the witches and vamps. The world is expanding, the stakes are rising, and I have a feeling in book 4 the action will be explosive.

We definitely need book 4 (thank you recent book deal where we get at 2 more books in this series), because we are left with a big problem at the end. I can't wait to read how Jess claws and bites her way out of it.

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