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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I get to be She-Ra!

Okay, not really. But my inner 10-year old has got grabby hands over the new She-Ra t-shirt at ThinkGeek. Freaking awesome. (Be sure to check out the front AND the back.) I must have it.
And yes, I would totally wear it, along with my Wonder Woman shirt. One note: this is the babydoll style, so unless you're cool with very tight shirts, you might want to go a size or 2 up from normal.

Great Deal on The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

This fantastic steampunk romance by the talented Meljean Brook is just $5.63 for the paperback over at Amazon (link goes to product page).

The Iron Seas series will be getting it's own post soon (I love it that much), so I won't say more other than if you were interested in starting this series, now is the time to get it. Don't know how long this price will last.

Recently Read: Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

I think if you liked The Maze Runner (dystopian, male lead character, lots of action, low on romance) then you should check this one out. While there isn't much mystery here, it is almost non-stop action. From my quick Goodreads review (I gave it just under 4 stars, so rounded up):
Climate change and oil shortages have destroyed the society we know now. You either have money/come from a rich family, or you are poor, scrambling for work and food, selling organs to harvesters, selling yourself. Nailer (around 16, he doesn't really know how old he is) is a ship breaker, running with the light-crew, scavenging copper wire from rusting tankers. He lives with his violent, drug-addicted father, but finds family with crewmate Pima and her mother. The future is uncertain, everyone looking for a "lucky strike". Then Nailer almost dies after being betrayed by a crewmate and he starts thinking more about how he wants to live. Add to that "city killer" hurricanes, a shipwreck, a rich girl, "half-men" genetically enhanced soldiers, and corporate espionage and you have a very exciting YA adventure that is also very readable by adults.

A note on reviews: Anything I give 3 stars or up I am very happy to have spent money on. For the most part, I'll just be blogging about books I actually like (although if I'm asked to review a book for the blog I will be honest with my thoughts). Also, I read lots of different kinds of books, adult, YA, Romance, UF, you get the picture. I'm expecting different things in each genre, so for example I wouldn't pit Harry Potter vs Magic Bites - they are in 2 different categories for me.

Currently Reading: [link goes to Goodreads]

Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris - Oh, this one is fun.
Feed by Mira Grant - lots of zombie action, but set in a world where the current generation never knew life without zombies. Very interesting use of media and the internet too.
Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow - Enjoying this one. With all of the end of the world talk, a book about the Devil and demons was just what I needed.

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