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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is it May 31 Yet?

Of course it isn't. If it was May 31, I would not be on the computer - I would be snuggled in my chair, devouring every word of Ilona Andrews latest Kate Daniels book, Magic Slays.

I love this series. Nope, that's not good enough. I am addicted to this series. I am proud of the fact that I have gotten other people addicted to this series. I have re-read the books, I have stalked the author's web site looking for snippets. I found this series when life had punched me in the face a few times, and the books gave me the escape I needed.

Why do I crave it? First off, the characters are amazing. They feel real - a great feat in a magical setting, but also necessary. I can suspend all kinds of disbelief if I have a character I can empathize with on some level. Also, the characters grow over time, both personally and in their relationships. They are changed by what happens to them. There is romance, but it is the slow-building kind, and that adds another level of realism.

Second - the worldbuilding is top-notch, but it's not all thrown at you in the first couple of pages. You learn about the world as Kate goes through it. I like that. It also leaves room for surprises later on. In Kate's world, "waves" of tech and magic cross over the world. So, sometimes, cars, computers, electricity, tech, work, but when a magic wave hits, monsters appear, people fling magic at each other, and things can get a little hairy. You never know when tech or magic will have the upperhand, but magic is getting stronger. I really like reading about how people have adapted to the magic - life might be hard and they've had to change a lot, but they are still living.

Third, it is really, really funny. Several laugh out loud moments in every book. One-liners and quips abound. Kate is pretty snarky and I love it, and the other characters give as good as they get.

Fourth, it's MAGIC! And a tough chick with a sword. And an alpha were-lion that gets under Kate's skin like no one else. There's vampires, too, but they don't sparkle, and let's just say Andrews has a very interesting take on them. This series is fun - and no, it's not all unicorns and rainbows (and in this world, the unicorns would probably eat babies). There are serious moments, but there is always hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you haven't read the series yet, stop here and come back after you've read the books (start with Magic Bites).

We have been through a lot with Kate in the past 4 books. She's gone from loner merc to friend of the Pack. She's gone from being responsible for no one to caring for an orphan. She's made friends, she's lost friends, and found a crapload of enemies. She's been in more fights than I can count, been patched up by Doolittle about an equal number of times, and she just keeps going. Now she's in a relationship, is starting her own business, and still trying to keep her head on her shoulders. I can't wait to see what happens next!

May 31, people. Mark your calendars, order a pizza, and put on your comfy pants. If this book is anything like the first 4, you won't want to stop reading until the end. And even then you'll want more.


  1. I totally agree this is a must-read series and am happily counted among the addicts of Kate and these books!

    I will be counting the days myself...

  2. You are 100% correct! I too found this series when life had smacked me around a bit and it hooked me in immediately! I can't wait for you to read Magic Slays. It's awesome!!!
    Great post! :)

  3. Yay, a fellow stalker! Normally I can't get into more than one series by the same author, but in this case, I love Ilona Andrews' Edge series too! So after reading a bleh book earlier this month, I'm looking forward to see where Kate's at. I missed her!

  4. Hey! How did you get into my head? I could have written this! I can't resist saying....Magic Slays makes the family proud. Yes, I've read it, and read it get the idea. You'll want to sleep with this book. Take that anyway you wish!

  5. Dude, if I weren't so lazy and self absorbed, I would have explained my devotion just like this. Well done.