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Monday, September 19, 2011

Homemade Marshmallows

So yesterday the kiddos and I made our own marshmallows. It was the first time I'd tried them, but it ended up being easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part was finding potato starch (3 stores until I finally found it). Just call me Martha Stewart - if the domestic one was into Ninja marshmallows.

Last Christmas I got the Ninjabreadmen Cookie Cutters - the kids love them, but I think I love them more. So of course, we had to make Ninja marshmallows. One has a little battle damage (to be expected when a three year old wields the cookie cutter) but they turned out pretty well. They taste like store bought ones, just fresher.

Next time I will try the chocolate marshmallow recipe I found in Cooking Light. We were also thinking it would be fun to put them on a stick and dip them in chocolate. Maybe add some sprinkles, sea salt, caramel, other toppings.

I got the marshmallow recipe from Bon Appetit magazine:

Like the Ninjas? The cookie cutters can be found at ThinkGeek and Amazon


  1. I am having trouble figuring out why I would want to make marshmellows..but I guess that is because I don't like them. Now, ninja ones...those seem like I could find a use for them because EVERYONE needs ninjas in their life. I do.

    I wonder if you have to use potato starch. Why not corn or rice starch? They're all a little different though. Interesting.

  2. I love those little cookie cutters. Other people have gingerbread boys and girls, snowmen and santas. We have cookie ninja battles. Merry times indeed. :)

    I'm not sure why the potato starch. I just followed the recipe as-is since it was my first time making them. And now I have a box of potato starch, so I'll probably just keep using that the next time we make them.

  3. Yay, Ninja Cookies! I have 4 boys, they will absolutely love that. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. You can also use the starch in place of corn starch if you need it (thickening agent.)

    I had to look up all those starches for a makeup recipe I was doing one time. It was really interesting to find the different starches used by different cultures.

  5. love homemade marshmallows-thankfully have friend that makes 'em. I need to get those ninja men for gingerbread ninja cookies :)