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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sci Fi Romance Novellas

Coming soon to your eReader (or applicable eBook app) is the latest Kinsmen romance novella from Ilona Andrews. We first encountered this futuristic, beautiful, and dangerous world in Silent Blade. While I do recommend the first novella, it is not necessary to read it (although getting an update on Meli and Celino was a treat).

A little background: You have a planet that while beautiful to look at, is ruled by mafia-type families whose feuding often leads to bloodshed. Only the strong survive and thrive here. Also, some people have technological or biological enhancements. This usually makes them much more efficient at killing people.

This is the kind of romance I like.

Silver Shark (Kinsmen 2) by Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews referred to this one as a Billionaire and His Secretary romance, except that the secretary can kill you with her mind. Like I said, this is my kind of romance.

For the sci fi fan, there are biologically enhanced psychic warriors (called psychers), bionet computers that psychers jack into and interact with, and the issues of refugees from one planet trying to assimilate to life on a new one. I really liked the bionet scenes; there was a lot of action and imagery.

For the romance fan you have a smolderingly hot male lead, Ven, who can't seem to find the right girl to settle down with. You also have Claire, the ultra powerful psycher from a war-torn planet who must pretend to be normal to have a chance at a new life on a world that appears to be a paradise compared to her home. I like that although there were secrets and miscommunications, there was a really good reason for that - Claire is terrified of being deported or killed for her abilities.

The attention to the small details that I've come to expect from Andrews is here from the comparisons of the different planets, to the discovery of new enticing foods, to the interactions between the characters. There is also some subtle humor, especially in Claire's asides. A very fun romantic getaway, with a good dose of action too.

[I received a review copy of this novella.]

Silent Blade (Kinsmen 1) by Ilona Andrews

If you haven't tried it yet, but are hankering for fun, quick sci fi romance (or you have a need to read everything in order), then I suggest reading this one too.

Meli is an assassin, a hidden resource for her family. Her last assignment is to kill the man who ruined her life years ago by breaking their engagement. Meli had been trained in Celino's likes and dislikes from a very young age in preparation for their eventual marriage. She uses this information to get close to Celino.

Celino, a financial genius, is drawn to the mysterious woman who fits so seamlessly into his life. He doesn't know that they've met before, that he has a lot to make up for, and that she could kill him at any minute.

In most He Done Them Wrong books, the male lead seems to get off too easy - he drops a smoldering look, maybe some "I'm sorry's", add in some sexual chemistry and all is forgiven. Not here. Meli freaking breaks Celino. Epic groveling (we are not talking days or weeks here - think longer). And still it works as a romance. I was rooting for them.

I need to go re-read this one again.


  1. Oooo, I'm so jealous you got an advanced copy of Silver Shark. I can't wait. Everything they write is amazing. I actually discovered your blog through their blog.

  2. Thanks for posting your review. Can't wait to read it. Like ElizaB, I came from the Ilona Andrews blog as well! Happy to to read you.

  3. It's on the 'zon now, so I'm sure it'll be on the other sites (like B&N) today too. :) Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the story!