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Friday, October 14, 2011

Disillusionists Re-read

Head Rush, book 3 in Carolyn Crane's Disillusionists series, is finally coming out this December. WOOHOO! In preparation for this, I'm re-reading books 1 and 2. I even started a group on Goodreads if anyone wants to join me.

The Disillusionists series follows Justine, a severe hypochondriac in a city with skyrocketing crime and High-caps - people with fantastic (and deadly) mental abilities. She meets Packard, who tells her he can make her well. There's of course a price to be paid and Justine finds herself thrown into a whole new game. Danger, betrayals, action, romance  - yep, it's in here.

The Disillusionists series is an important one for me in terms of my personal growth as a reader. Prior to reading it, while I liked books that had dark tones, in the end, I needed my heroes and heroines to be, well, heroic. I needed to like them throughout. Tough, kickass chicks filled most of the books I read.

With the Disillusionists, we have one very screwed up heroine and a group of people who may or may not be doing good things (no matter what they tell themselves). Lots of grey areas.

The world building blew me away and the magic system was very cool, but I had trouble with Justine. I still needed to read the next one, though, and since then I have come to appreciate the characters who make me cringe as well as rally behind. It's that visceral reaction that still makes me care what happens, makes me want the lead character to get better, to come out of her own illusions, even as I also want to scream at them. I think this series paved the way for my love of the character who still needs to hit rock bottom (like Chess Putnam from Stacia Kane's Downside series, and Annabelle Lee from Stacey Jay's Dead on the Delta).

So, I'm thinking of starting Mind Games again November 1. Whether you've read them before or want to start the series for the first time, you're welcome to join in! If you are a Goodreads member (or want to become one) check out our group. I'll also be posting updates here on the blog, so you can join in that way too.


  1. Hmmm, not familiar with the series at all, looks good!

  2. I'll join you! I read Mind Games near when it came out, but still haven't read Double Cross, so this will motivate me to get in gear for Head Rush! Great idea!

  3. Welcome, Christine! Just one more week!

  4. Great plan! I have already planned on catching up before Head Rush is released and it will be even more fun if we have a re-read group! Count me in! :-D