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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's Your Treasure?

Brenna Yovanoff is having another contest for The Space Between (contest ends Oct 2 at midnight!).
So, so pretty... Out Nov. 15!
Last time, we talked about theme songs. This time around, we're talking about our treasures: they might be be precious, they might only be worth something to us.

My treasure has to be a charm bracelet I received from my grandmother. For years, every time my grandfather traveled (and he ended up flying all over the world testing runways) he would bring back a charm from each locale he visited. I loved looking through the different treasures grandad brought back - a giant collection of Buddhas from his many trips to China, beautiful Kimonos from Japan, but I always loved the bracelet most because I could go through each piece like a roadmap of his journey.

So what is your treasure?

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  1. My grandmother gave me a pocket watch that belonged to her mother for whom I am named. It isn't worth that much but it's history and family connection that means the world to me.