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Monday, October 10, 2011

I Miss Firefly...

Watched the last episode again last night. Firefly was just taken away too soon. I am thrilled that we got Serenity, but when I think about where the series could have gone, I still get a little pang.

I admit to watching none of this year's Fall lineup. Am I missing something?


  1. Have to confess I never saw either the series or the film :(

    Not too sure what's on in America atm (am assuming from your use of 'Fall'?) but about the only thing worth watching over here these days is House..

    Which is good really, more time to read :)

  2. Yes, America, sorry for not clarifying. Although I do watch series on occasion from BBC, and I find I prefer watching foreign news shows as opposed to US ones (unless its the Daily Show with Jon Stewart).

    Yep - more time to read. :) I can't complain about that.

    Firefly was an excellent space western from Joss Wedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). If you ever get a chance, I do receommend checking it out.

  3. I actually like this Fall's lineup a lot better than last year's. Vampire Diaries, which was really cliched in the beginning, got a lot better for its third season, and is now nothing like Twilight (thank god).
    And Buffy's back (well, the actress), with Ringer. I really like how its going to far.

    Speaking of british shows, Merlin!! Yeah, I love Merlin. :D And I really need to catch up on Doctor Who.

  4. I miss Firefly too. Deeply. It is my favorite show ever. I have tried a few new shows this year and a few are okay but nothing very amazing. My favorite so far is Suburgatory, in which our beloved Wash (Alan Tudyk) plays a supporting role. :-)