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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Mockingbird

Mockingbird (Miriam Black 2) by Chuck Wendig

"You capture a tempest in your teacup, you better expect a little blood on your carpet and some crazy-ass moonbat conversations at five o'clock in the morning." - Mockingbird

Yep - that pretty much sums up why I love Wendig's Miriam Black series. Miriam is still as crass, crude & rude as ever, and she wears her crazy as a shield, but there is truth to her ways. I read a lot of books with tough as nails female leads. A LOT. Miriam is near the top of my badass list and she does it without any superpower other than her ability to touch a person and know how they die. That and she knows how to fight dirty. The last third of this book is just nonstop action-packed don't-interrupt-me-now-I-mean-it awesome.

If you are new to the freakishly wonderful world of Miriam Black, you can see my thoughts on  Blackbirds, go read the book, then come back.

Book 2's are important. They need to build on the main storyline, show some character progression, and most of all make you want to grab book 3. Mockingbird does all of that so well.

We start with Miriam working at the checkout of a grocery store. She has been trying a "normal" life with Louis, and even wears gloves so she can't touch anyone. The high of finally being able to change fate is wearing thin and "normal" isn't the stuff of dreams. Luckily, we don't spend much time here (Miriam in customer service? cue maniacal laughter), and soon the gloves are off and Miriam is itching to be back on the road. Not necessarily with Louis.

I really like what Wendig has done with Louis and Miriam's relationship. I felt I got Louis a bit better in this book, and he also raises the very important question of what happens to a person when Miriam changes their death, their fate. This is something I hope we get to delve into more in the future.

I also really love Miriam's quasi-friendship with Katey, the terminally ill teacher at the reform school where the bulk of the action takes place. It feels like one of the most honest relationships Miriam has allowed herself to have. True, she knows there isn't a future in it, but I thought it was a big step.

It is at the school that Miriam sees the future horrific murder of a student. The anti-Fate is back in Miriam's life, taunting her, and although she would probably rather go back to the easier life of not trying to give a shit, Miriam has changed. This means she's on a mission to change fate once again. Of course, Miriam has her own way of doing things and some things are larger than they appear.

Stopping there. We can discuss more when you're done reading.

If you liked Blackbirds, you should love Mockingbird. A must for those who love troubled, twisted, kickass characters.

Mockingbird is out August 28, 2012.

[Received an ARC to review.]

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  1. This is one series I've not started yet, or heard much about. But it does sound rather wonderful. :) Thank you for the review of the second book. :)