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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: In a Fix

In a Fix by Linda Grimes

First book in a new UF series that is devoid of the usual vamps, shifters, fae and magic. Instead we have a group of aura readers - with a touch they can become anyone's double. I found this aspect to be very intriguing. There are so many chances for someone to abuse this power as well as use it to help. Will be interesting what happens as the series goes on. Add in spies, demented conspiracies and interesting family/friend dynamics and it made for a fun read. It also felt lighter to me than other UF without being too light. The main bad guy is nuts, but he isn't as bad as some.

Ciel uses her powers as a kind of "life fixer," stepping, literally, into someones shoes to make things go their way. She runs her own business, but her family and close friends always seem to be butting in. She's the proverbial little sister and is tired of everyone treating her like a child.

Then her latest "fix" goes south when her client's boyfriend is kidnapped right before he can propose, and Ciel kicks her way into the big leagues alongside longtime friend Mark and irascible "cousin" Billy.

This book was so easy to get into. That doesn't mean there weren't parts where I felt that my disbelief had to be suspended a bit more, but when I was in the story, it didn't bother me. There were a few instances where I got really ticked at Ciel for barging in without fully understanding the consequences, but I could also see why she did it, in a way. Ciel does have some growing up to do.

There is a romance, of sorts. I really hesitate to call it that, to be honest. I felt more like Ciel was finally coming into her own and starting to live it up a bit. In no way do I think she is ready for settling down. At times it felt like there was almost a love quadrangle going on, but then since there really wasn't any firm relationship progress, I can't really even call it that. Mostly it's flirting and a few kisses. And maybe a bit more (so those who need a little smexy-action won't feel too left out). It's a woman who has always been on the sidelines. I can see where she'd want to live a little.

A lighter UF with a very intriguing mythology. I'll be looking for the next one.

[Received an ARC to review.]

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