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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: Libriomancer

Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris #1) by Jim C. Hines

I loved every book geek-fueled moment. It was fun with the right amount of tension and action. I want Isaac Vainio's job and a pet flaming spider. I also really dig the idea of the power we geeks give to our beloved books, movies, and action figures (an idea also found in Geekomancy, another recent read).

Isaac is a librarian at a normal, mundane small-town library. He is also a librarian for the DZP, an organization that patrols the magical community. He used to do field work, but has been demoted due to a past "magical indiscretion." There are vampires - probably my favorite vampires I've seen in some time, and someone is trying to start a war between vamps and humans. Is Gutenberg, the incredibly long-lived and powerful creator of the DZP involved? Who can Isaac trust?

He teams up with a dryad, Lena Greenwood, who needs Isaac's help in more ways than one. Lena is a very intriguing character. It almost feels spoilery to talk about her. I did like her interactions with Isaac. It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

It's another book that I don't want to describe too much. I had such an enjoyable time uncovering everything.

I will say: very cool world & magic system + interesting characters + good action.

I'll be reading book 2.

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  1. Oh this is a new one for me, and sounds like a great fun read. :) Thank you!