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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: The Earl's Dilemma

The Earl's Dilemma By Emily May

I was in a bit of a rut last week. It happens. I needed something completely different from my usual fantasy fare and this historical romance fit the bill.

It's a quick read, easy to get into, and I liked the characters.

James needs a wife or he will be disinherited, and only has 2 months to find one (of course), so he decides to settle on his best friend's sister. He likes her, she isn't afraid of him (he has a tendency to scowl and "look stern"), and he thinks they will get on tolerably well. Since she's on the shelf and not known for her beauty, he thinks this is a slam-dunk arrangement.

Kate has secretly been in love with James for years. She overhears James' talking to her brother and she hears him say that he doesn't love her, but he's sure she'll agree to marry him. He says some other insulting things as well. (Note: In reality, for the time, I suppose this would have been an ideal match for her, but this is a Romance, so I went with it.) Kate says no, but that she will help James find a woman he can love.

Of course, as Kate introduces James to the other eligible young ladies he starts realizing that Kate is the only one he wants. Then he has to convince her he is sincere.

I did love that Kate didn't have to marry. She wasn't going to be sent out into the streets. She had a very strong relationship with her brother and had her own fortune - enough that she could establish her own household if she wished. So, she didn't have to marry anyone. I really loved it when she told that to James, too.

It was diverting for a few hours and was a warm & fuzzy romance. If you like historicals (or like me, just need a change of pace for a bit), you should look into it.

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