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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels (Black Knights Inc. #1) by Julie Ann Walker

It's like The Expendables, except along with the ass-kicking, guns & explosions you also have Romance and smexytimes. The characters do make a joke about this, which I appreciated.

As I am a fan of The Expendables in all its action-packed glory, as well as a fan of Romance with big bads and action of all kinds, this was a very fun read for me.

Nate has been lusting after his best friend Griff's sister for years. After a job gone wrong, Griff is killed and Nate is too wracked with guilt to do anything but try to protect Ali, and that means keeping his distance. Ali has always had a thing for her older brother's best friend, but thinks he doesn't like her because he is always so aloof. When she realizes someone is following her and the danger is mounting, she knows that Nate is the only one who can help.

Cue Ali's introduction to Black Knights, Inc, a group of covert operatives who operate under the guise of a bike shop. Pretty soon all hell is breaking loose and things are heatin' up all over. Just what I want in a fun, escapist Action-Romance.

Nate & Ali worked for me. I bought their relationship. There is some miscommunication, but given the context, that was totally natural. There was more puking than I normally see in a Romance, but it was OK.

I liked the cast of side characters, too. Can't wait to read Becky & Frank's book - they have some excellent banter and tension going on.

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