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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: Trance

Trance (MetaWars #1) by Kelly Meding

While this had many elements of my usual UF reads (kickass action, interesting mythology, and some romance), the overall feel was very different.

Trance is much darker than I was expecting. So very tense. I really wasn't sure who would make it, but I wasn't numbed to the prospect of losing anyone either. Good balance and I was left guessing to the end as to who would still be standing.

The world is still recovering from a horrific war between superheroes and supervillains. Teresa, "Trance", is the daughter of the leader of the Rangers - the good guys. She and other young superheroes were trying to get to safety when all of a sudden all metahumans lost their powers.

The children were separated and sent to live in foster homes.

Fifteen years later, Teresa is harder, more bitter, and definitely not what you would expect from the daughter of a superhero. All of a sudden, she gets her powers back, and she races to the former Ranger headquarters. She meets up with Gage, "Cipher", and they quickly learn that its not just the good guys who got their powers back. The supervillain Bane is hot on their trail. Teresa also learns that she got back her powers and then some.

They are on a race to find the others before Bane does, need to manage their public persona in a world that sees all metahumans as bad news, and stop Bane once and for all.

Betrayals, finding the truth behind what really happened in the war, adjusting to their new lives complete with the baggage of the past 15 years, and lots of action - oh yeah, there is action here aplenty.

There is a lot going on, and everything speeds by, but I liked it. I'll be reading the next one.

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  1. I do want to give this series a go. I enjoyed Kelly's Dreg series but it's done now. Thanks for the thoughts! :)