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Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: The Assassin's Curse

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

I really got into this one. The pages flew by and I had a lot of fun reading it. You know I love YA, and I can usually handle ones set in high school, but I've read lots of those lately. I LOVE that this is a YA fantasy outside of the schoolroom, in a completely unique world.

Ananna is a pirate, raised in a pirate clan on the seas. She is an expert thief, knows her way around a sword, and while not bloodthirsty she also doesn't run from a fight. She also has a good sense of self-preservation and while her manners might be rough, she is very intelligent.

So, I was very, very happy with our lead.

Ananna's parents are trying to marry her off to the pretty boy son of another pirate clan. Of course, Ananna has other plans. Her father taught her to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, and she jumps at the first chance to escape. Her intended's family sends an assassin, Naji, after her, a blood magician and the stuff of legend and nightmares. However, Ananna saves the assassin's life and he becomes bound as her protector, something neither one wants. He is overcome with intense pain if she is too far away from him or if she is in danger. Ananna and Naji team up to find a way to break the curse and stay one step ahead of everyone trying to kill them.

This is action-packed goodness right here. There is a teensy bit of romance, something that I'm sure will develop in another book. I liked how Naji and Ananna start forging a tenuous friendship. Neither one trusts easily. I really liked both leads and I'm looking forward to them traveling to new lands with even more adventures.

The story is definitely not done, but I got enough for now.

Highly recommended if you like YA Fantasy, fairytales, magic and pirates.

[I received an ARC to review.]

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