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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Personal Demons (Hopeless, Maine #1)

Personal Demons (Hopeless, Maine #1) by Tom & Nimue Brown

I am not a graphic novel expert, but I do like to grab one now and then as a change of pace. I've tried some of the newer Wonder Woman's, Locke & Key, and of course The Sandman. I find myself drawn to the darker fantasy works. This one is closer to a YA dark fantasy.

The horrible occurrences in Hopeless, Maine, were just right. Creepy, kid-centered, there is violence but not to the extent of those geared for older audiences. I absolutely fell in love with the illustrations (a must with a graphic novel, of course).

Terrible things have been happening in Hopeless. The orphanage is full, people keep dying, and there are demons everywhere. A strange girl named Salamandra has been found living alone. She says her mother wants to drink her and her father has some very interesting acquaintances. She is sent to the orphanage where she encounters a dangerous enemy, finds a friend, and also shows what she can do. Salamandra might be small, but she is not helpless.

I liked the atmosphere and the little taste of Hopeless we get in Book 1. I'll keep an eye out for future installments.

[Received an ARC to review.]

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