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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tough Chick...With a Broom?

Have you been reading Clean Sweep, the free serial by Ilona Andrews?

If you have, then you have discovered the giddy excitement of a new chapter to devour.

Wait, you haven't read it yet? Then you are missing a magic innkeeper with the most awesome broom ever, a tiny dog who is a ferocious as her name, a werewolf, and a deadly creature stalking the inhabitants of a sleepy subdivision. Just your normal, suburban adventures, yes?

Throughout you'll find the action and humor that have made Ilona Andrews a permanent fixture of the Book Pile.

Right now you'll find Clean Sweep, the Innkeeper Chronicles, chapters 1-4 here. When its done it will eventually be available as an eBook (or at least, that is the plan right now).

If you sign up to receive e-mail updates from Ilona Andrews blog, or follow her on Twitter, then you'll know when the next installment is up. Or you can check obsessively a few times a day - whatever floats your boat.

It looks like I am going to have to add brooms to my list of kickass weapons.

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