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Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: The Captain and the Wallflower

The Captain and the Wallflower by Lyn Stone

Battle-scarred Caine must marry in order to inherit, or his family fortune goes to his gambling cousin. He wants to find a wife who isn't pretty and would be desperate to marry; that way she will be so happy to just live in the matrimonial state that she wont care if he's not around much. Grace has been living in fear of her uncle. She is underfed and looks quite sickly. When Caine proposes, Grace accepts. Soon she's healthier than ever and she also isn't a shy, retiring waif. Someone also keeps trying to kill her. And it looks like Caine and Grace are falling in love.  

I liked bits of this. On their own, and together in some parts (especially their first ride together) it was very sweet.

But, there were so many red herrings and shenanigans that kept getting more & more convoluted. Then there had to be relationship drama, of course, and people getting wounded right and left.

I started off liking it, but by the end I was more than a bit over it.

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