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Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: God Save the Queen

God Save the Queen by Kate Locke

This review was really hard to write, because minus one character, I would have really liked this book.

It's all Vex's fault.

I liked many parts of this. The world is cool, and the big secret was fun. Good setup there for future books.

Xandra is a half-blood living in a world where a virus created vampires and werewolves way back when. Queen Victoria is still on the throne, humans barely tolerate the reigning "monsters", and everyone is scared of the Goblins. In investigating her sisters "death," Xandra uncovers secrets, conspiracies, and betrayals. There is some action and I thought the world was pretty cool. It's a book where you are just thrown into things (and you know I like that).

However, I'm not feeling the love interest. It was way too easy. The timing didn't make sense unless there was an ulterior motive, but this was glanced over. Which blows, because I do really like that there wasn't a triangle and there was no angst. But that made it all a bit, well, boring. I think I would have felt better about it had Xandra & Vex met before all of this went down. Or if Vex was a little less perfect. Or if he was being at least a touch sneaky about his sudden interest in her. Something other than Mr. Perfect. Because he is perfect. And she isn't (and I like imperfect characters).

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