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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review: Steel's Edge

Steel's Edge (Edge #4) by Ilona Andrews

The Edge series ends with another exciting installment. We've travelled the Edge world - from the Edge to the Broken, back to the Edge and now into the Weird. We've also had very different heroes and heroines in each story - something I have come to appreciate in romance series.

This go-round we have Charlotte and Richard, both trained from an early age in the mannerisms of the blueblood Weird elite. Charlotte is The Healer, very powerful and living in the Edge with Rose's grandmother because she is afraid of using the darker side of her ability. I love stories that focus on the destructive possibilities of a healing power. We first met Richard in Bayou Moon. Cerise's cousin, Kaldar's brother, and a father-figure to Lark/Sophie, Richard hunts slavers, the people who nearly destroyed Sophie when she was very young.

Richard and Charlotte team up to go after the head of the slavery ring, falling in love along the way. They are very evenly matched and fit well together. This isn't an angsty romance. It is more their mission than any insecurity that gets in their way. I liked that a lot.

Lots of action, some heartbreak for fans of the series, and lots of George, Jack and Sophie. We also get more of Spider and get to see what happened to some family members from previous books. The bits where Charlotte takes Sophie under her wing were really well done. Bayou Moon is still my fav book of the Edge, but as a whole I have really enjoyed this romance series.

I thought Steel's Edge was a good end to the series, although I hope some day the Andrews team will come back with the future adventures of an all growed up George, Jack and Sophie.

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  1. I really need to try to read Bayou Moon again some time. I was excited for it but it arrived during a rough time in my life and was just too bleak for me. I haven't tried one of their books since.